Saturday, June 9, 2012

Striping tape

I had been excited to get some striping tape to do the "Rainbow at Night" nails, so I decided to use the tape in a design.
I wish the tape was more sticky.  Even with a zillion top coats it will still come up.  But I guess I really can't complain...  5 bucks for 10 different colored rolls.  Can't beat that.

This is Magnetic Nail Polish from Nails Inc and a fuscia from NYC in 221.  I like the magnetic polish, because it is quick and easy for when you may be in a ru

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Video of my Nail Art

Video of some of my Nail Art...

Step by step Cheetah Nail Art

Cheetah nails!

Rainbow in The Night Nail Art

I painted my nails with multiple colors. After they were dry, I placed thin strips of tape over the nail.  One nail at a time, I painted black.  Over the strips of tape.  I did not let the black nail polish dry.  Carefully, I pulled the tape up.  And voila!!!