Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Peace, Love, and tea...

My awesome husband ordered me the Bundle Monster Stamping Plates.  He ordered me these specifically because of the peace symbol.  He knows me so well!!
When I got them in the mail, it was pure joy.  BUT!!!  After I saw all the designs, it was total confusion.
Which one to use??  Even though I knew I wanted to do the peace symbol one, I was like, "Oh..eem,,gee... do I really want to do a peace symbol design or something else?"
I figured I would do the peace symbol because that's what I wanted to do first.
My handsome step-son and his wife bought me a peace symbol travel mug and I got inspiration from the peace do-hickee thingamajig that hangs off of the cup.
While I was doing the gradient, geez louise, I was trying to get it right, and this is what I ended up with. 

The colors I used were...
Sinful Colors- Pink
L.A. Colors-567
Sally Hansen-Hard Lemonade
Sinful Colors- Irish Green
L.A. Colors Static Electricity
Bundle Monster 07
 Afterwards...  I was pretty happy with the results! 
Happy Polishing and Peace!!!

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