Sunday, September 2, 2012

Swatching Sinfully for Summer (Sinful Colors that is!)

So many things are coming to an end this month...  My son is leaving on Sept 10th for Boot Camp and Summer is almost over :(  *wiping away my tear*  And I thought I would try this bright bubblegum Barbie pink from Sinful Colors.  I can't recall ever using this. Hmmm...
 It's called "Gorgeous".  If you like pink shades, then you will LOVE this...

Gorgeous by Sinful Colors
That is with two coats and a top coat, taken outside
without a flash.  I love it.  It is soooo pretty. Even on its own.

  .  Of course I just couldn't leave it alone.  I wonder how old we become when we finally, "leave well enough alone"?  Anyway... I did some stamping and added some flakies on my ring finger.
Gorgeous by Sinful Colors
Salon Express Stamping Plate
Pink Irredescent 'flakies'
 When using flakies, I put a clear coat on top of the polish, and place the flakies. I then use, I don't know.. about a million top coats! lol This assures that the flakies won't get caught on anything (especially hair) and it will feel almost smooth. I just kinda stack them on, all over, and on top of
each other until I like it.
I found these flakies in tiny little bottles of six at my local Dollar Tree.
There is so much you can find at those discount dollar stores (99Cent Store too)
As much as I love pink polish, pink phones, pink ligloss, etc... I do love my darker shades too. I think that's the only thing I'm looking forward to this winter. Oh. And hot cocoa. And making a Shepherd's Pie. Oh.. And my husband's Boontjiesop (South African Bean Soup).
And that is all! HAHAHAHA!!!!
Happy Polishing!!