Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday Haul!!!

My birthday was on August 19th, and we had a huge bbq party.  It was so much fun with my family and friends. 
I got two nail polishes from Sinful Colors, that surprisingly I did not have.  Hey.. what do you expect coming from a best friend that I've had for 31 YEARS!!! 
She got me...
Sinful Colors Let's Talk...  I love this purple.  It's a lot like Wet n Wild's "Buffy The Violet Slayer"
Sinful Colors Let's Talk
And she got me Sinful Colors Gorgeous
Sinful Colors Gorgeous
Those two polishes along with cotton balls and polish remover.  Don't we all need cotton balls and polish remover??  :-)

I also got a nail polish rack from my mommy
Here is the after pic--
I also got TWO Justin Bieber shirts.  Yes, I'm a "Belieber", I have "Bieber Fever", etc... blah blah blah...
And I received
 I received the most precious B'day card from a friend's little girl.  Her and I hang out, and blow bubbles for hours!  She is the sweetest thing. But the best part was having all of my friends and family over.  It was a great time... Food, drinks, Ladderball.  If you haven't played Ladderball, you have to!!!!
It is the most fun game ever!
Happy polishing!!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY a tad late. It sounds like a kick-A time and the polish..."let's talk "gorgeous" LOL Love both...

    from sunny south ALABAMA; Deborah/cheekyDM60

  2. I'm so glad you had a great birthday! We will have to get together again and not three years from now! Love ya my BFF

  3. Happy Birthday! Let's Talk is one of my favorite purples EVER! I've never used Gorgeous though. Looking forward to swatches!