Monday, August 27, 2012

Proud Army Mom!!

My son, my first born, will be leaving for Boot Camp on Sept 10th.  I am so excited for him to be going, but feeling kind of, well.. ummmm..  I don't know!  He doesn't live with me,  and hasn't in years, but he text messages me everyday or calls me. 
The text messages are usually short and mostly sweet :-)  When my phone goes off, it is usually him.  It will be soooooo eerie not having my phone go off 10 times a day.  Okay, maybe not that much, but you know what I mean.
I am extremely proud of him that he is doing this.  He will finally be able to be his own person and actually have the chance to be "all he can be" (Pun intended)
I will miss him like crazy, worry about him, but I know he will be just fine, and has a lot of potential to go far in the Army.  He will be stationed of Ft. Jackson/S.Carolina, and after Boot Camp, he will stay at "Relaxin' Jackson" for his Advanced Individual Training, which will be for Diesel Mechanic.  He is going to exel at that.  Too bad that didn't have an AIT class for flirting with girls :-)  He would be at the top of his class for sure!
A few months back, when he enlisted, I did these nails in honor of him...

Happy polishing!!!!!


  1. Are u going to have a step by step for this? It's super cute!

  2. I didn't even think about doing a step by step! I think I will be doing these nails next week, so I'll do one then.